Bizgurukul fake or real 2024 ?

bizgurukul fake or real ? You must know about Bizgurukul online learning platform. There are many online courses available in this which cost in thousands. Bizgurukul affiliate program also runs in which 60 to 70% commission is given on selling the course.

Information About Bizgurukul
Bizgurukul is an online e-learning platform. Here you will find many courses like Marketing, Branding, Traffic, Influence and Finance. The cost of these courses are in thousands.

The founder of the company is Ritwiz Tiwari, who has also given his speech on Josh Talk and TED X Youtube channel. Bizgurukul company also runs affiliate program in which 60 to 70% commission is given on selling the course.

BIZGURUKUL is a Private Limited Company. The head office of the company is in New Delhi. The company works on the B2C business model, which means it directly delivers its services to its consumers.

The cost of Bizgurukul’s course is as follows

  • Marketing Mastery – 2143 Rs
    Branding Mastery – 4999 Rs.
    Traffic Mastery – 8,999 Rs.
    Influence Mastery – 15,999 Rs.
    Finance Mastery – 19,999 Rs.

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing real or fake
Affiliate program is given in Bizgurukul, according to which you can get 70% commission by selling its course. If the price of a course is 10,000 then you will get 7000 rupees Affiliate Commission

This company is giving Affiliate money to people on time. To join its Affiliate program, its course has to be bought. When you buy its course, you get your referral code, so that you can earn money by referring this app i.e. selling the course.

Bizgurukul Real or Fake 2024
Although Bizgurukul is a real platform and it is giving money to people but its working method is not real at all. Yes, this company is running its business by showing people the dream of becoming rich.

If you will join its seminar, then there you will be told about earning money from its affiliate marketing. They sell their courses by misleading people in the name of affiliate marketing.

After this, when someone buys their course by paying thousands of rupees, then only basic things are taught in the course, which are available for free on Youtube and Internet. It shows people the dream of earning lakhs of rupees from affiliate marketing.

If a person does not want to sell their courses, then he cannot earn money because only basic things are taught in his courses, from which no one can earn money.
Many videos will be found on Youtube in which Youtuber tells this platform as a real platform, in fact they tell this lie because they know that if a single course is sold through them, they will get a good commission.

Many people have talked about earning good money from this platform and when they were asked how did you earn money, all of them had only one answer “by selling

Bizgurukul course
Here people are working and earning money under a lie, but this lie will not last long. When people will know the real Value of its course, then they will stop buying its course.

In this way, those who were earning money by selling the courses of this platform, their earnings will also stop. It has become very easy to fool people by showing dreams of becoming rich on the internet and new scams like this keep coming to the fore.
Now some people will say here that affiliate marketing works like this and Bizgurukul is completely real,

so let me tell them if I talk about affiliate of any other e-learning platform like Udemy or PW, then on the quality of the course in these platforms Focus is more on earning money by selling the course.

There is a review system in the courses on Udemy and PW so that people can know how good the course is based on the rating of the course but in Bizgurukul there is no review in any course, it means that its course is useless.Should we buy Bizgurukul’s course?

If you compare all the courses in Bizgurukul with other e-learning platforms like Udemy or PW, then you will see that the fees on these platforms are very low as compared to Bizgurukul.

I would not advise you at all to buy courses from Bizgurukul. Many people have bought the course from this platform only because they think that after buying the course they will start earning money whereas it is not so at all.


Hope you must have understood that Bizgurukul is Real or Fake 2023. There are many platforms like Bizgurukul like Leadsguru and millionairetrack. All these platforms are working on the same concept and scamming people.

My advice is that you stay away from all these platforms because here you do not learn the right way to earn money. These platforms teach you how to earn money by lying and dirty marketing.

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