FMWhatsApp APK 2023

Fmwhatsapp Apk is a MOD version of WhatsApp available to download for Android and iOS. Like the original app, you can use it to engage in text conversations and make calls. But this variant of WhatsApp has many added features missing from the original app. So, you can exchange your original WhatsApp for FMWhatsApp for added functionality and convenience and for that download it now from our website.

What is FMWhatsApp?

Whatsapp has been around for quite some time. It has overcome all its competition and quickly became the top choice in messaging. Over the years, many modded third-party variants of WhatsApp have appeared on the internet. These variants include features and customization options not available for the original WhatsApp.

Moreover, these mods were created to meet users’ needs, requiring more functionality and customizability from WhatsApp. Fm WhatsApp is one of those apps. It was developed and distributed by Foud Apps (developed by FoudMakkad). It is a third-party app designed to simulate the experience of WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp 2 latest version comes with its own added set of features.

In addition, the app gives you an insane amount of control over settings. So, set up your WhatsApp experience as you want. Change the appearance of your app to suit your needs. We also recommend you to download RA Whatsapp.

Why should you use Fmwhatsapp?

Despite all of its great features, the original WhatsApp is quite limited in functionality. Many users have been demanding features for years. The simple fact is that the app developers are slow to introduce or implement any new changes. It takes ages to develop, test, and then add a feature. It brings us to the crisis in which many users look towards third-party apps to meet their needs. Moreover, also try purple whatsapp from our website.

However, due to its strict policies, Whatsapp inevitably implements some limitations for users. These include preventing you from saving peoples’ statuses. The size of files that can be uploaded and shared is limited to 30 MB. And while sending a message to multiple people, WhatsApp prevents you from mass sharing by restricting the number of recipients. But the FMWhatsApp’s new version 2023 gives you much more freedom in terms of functionality.

Let’s look at some of the features the latest mod version offers.

Features of FMWhatsApp 2023

While looking for an ideal WhatsApp mod, most users will look for features that enhance the experience of the app or customizability features that allow you to change the appearance of the app. However, Fmwhatsapp gives you the added option to turn off features like seen, double tick, and blue tick. You can deactivate the video call button if you don’t wish to receive video calls. The app also allows you to send texts to unlimited recipients and pin up to 100 chats.

In addition, the modified version of the app gives you a lot of freedom in terms of customizing appearances. You can pick a theme for your app from the dozens of options available within FM WhatsApp. For even more, choose your colors from a palette. You have the option to change the text appearance and pick a font of your choice for a different look. Furthermore, you can tweak every aspect of the app until it meets your needs. There are many more features present within the app. Let’s look at some of the top features in detail. In addition, now you can also download OG Whatsapp.

Whatsapp automatically shows a last seen status for every user. Every time you check WhatsApp, the status is updated. However, the Fmwhatsapp allows you to disable the last seen status. You can also set it so viewing someone’s status does not show a seen label. Just like whatsapp red apk, you can also view any status you want without the other person knowing so.

WhatsApp FM gives you the option to turn off delivered and blue tick marks. The blue tick mark is shown when the receipt has seen the message. Turning it off will prevent the other person from knowing if you’ve read their message or not.

Hide typing and recording action text

Whenever you start typing in chat, WhatsApp shows an indicator message to the person on the other side. It lets them know you’re writing a message. You can turn off this indicator if you want. The same goes for recording a voice message. If you don’t want to worry about taking too long to reply, simply turn off the typing and recording indicators.

You may also like and download delta whatsapp from our website. It’s one of the best modified app of whatsapp just like fmwhatsapp.

Choose who can call you

You can prevent certain people from calling without having to block them outright. You can still receive messages from them, but they cannot call you. If you want, you can also disable the call button entirely so you will not receive any calls at all. Additionally, you can disable the video call button separately if you wish to do the same for video calling. We also recommend you to download NOWhatsapp.

Usually, WhatsApp prevents you from replying or sending a message to a not available number in your contact list. But if you want to chat with a person without adding them to your contacts, you can do so on FMWhatsApp. This feature is automatically enabled within the app.

The original WhatsApp app prevents you from uploading files bigger than 30 MB. So, if you want to share large files, you can do so using FM WhatsApp. You can upload and share files in chats without limits.

The built-in anti-ban feature prevents your account from ever getting banned. You can simply continue to use modded WhatsApp as usual. If you ever wish to switch back to the original app, your account and chats will be preserved completely.

WhatsApp does not allow you to send many images in one go. You must manually separate them if you want to share more than ten images. In contrast, FM WhatsApp lets you send more than 90 images.

Remove forwarded tag in chats/media

You can change this feature in your setting, so messages and media that are forward will not show a forwarded tag. It prevents the other person from knowing if the text message has been previously delivered.

The original WhatsApp still does not support a dark theme. Many people prefer to use the darker version of apps and websites nowadays. Fortunately, the latest FM WhatsApp update has the option of light and dark variants. You can switch between them as you like.

Many business account holders demand this feature from WhatsApp. You can upload an auto-reply message like a voice mail. Your specified automated reply message will be sent to them regardless of your online status if anyone reaches out to you. It is bound to be very useful for increasing engagement.

Custom themes

Within the FMWhatsApp store, you can file many themes. You can pick any one of them to change the appearance of your app. In addition, you may also choose your colors and fonts to customize the app for a refreshing look completely.

FM WhatsApp has a collection of emojis and stickers. These exist in addition to the default set of emojis available within WhatsApp. You do need a separate or third-party keyboard for added stickers and emojis. However, Fmwhatsapp has many collections added to the app by default.

Anti-delete feature

The anti delete feature is quite helpful for many users. It prevents the other person in the chat from deleting their message. Even if the message in the chat is deleted for other users, you will be able to view it. Deleted messages will not be lost and will automatically be saved by the app. This feature is also available in golden whatsapp.

The modified app provides a built-in message scheduler. It will mainly be helpful for business account holders. You can write messages in advance and save them as a draft. So, set up a time and then specify the recipients.

You do not need a rooted device to use FM WhatsApp. Many modded apps require you to jailbreak your device. However, you can generally use FMWhatsApp with all the added features without the risk of rooting your phone.

The main disadvantage of the app might just be speed. Because the modded FMWhatsApp is not designed to scale for millions of users like the original app, the speed of the app usually suffers. Moreover, dealing with larger files, more images, and dozens of recipients will inevitably slow things down for the user. However, if you can get past these hiccups, you can enjoy many benefits.

How to Download and Install FMWhatsapp Apk

This installation guide is a good way to learn more about FMWhatsApp APK. So go through that. You won’t face any problems during installation. You just need to follow these simple steps.

First, you have to enable installation from an unknown source after downloading FMWhatsApp APK on your Android device. There is no official Google Play Store for this App, so this option needs to be enabled. Go to Settings>Security>Permissions>Unknown Source to enable unknown source installation. It must be enabled first before moving on to the next step in order to install a mod.

To install an APK file on your Android device, you need to enable installation from an unknown source on the device. Go to the storage section of your device, then select the FMWhatsApp APK file. Press Install and wait for the process to complete. High-end devices take less time than low-end devices with low RAM.

I think we’re done with the installation now. With the FM WhatsApp apk, you can access all these features on your phone by creating an account. Please read the frequently asked questions answers below for more information about FMWhatsApp APK before you leave this website.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is FM WhatsApp for?

Whatsapp FM is for users who need modifications within the app. It is a third-party app designed to give you more freedom when it comes to features. It is sure to be handy, especially for people who manage business accounts using WhatsApp. You will inevitably need an option to send messages to large numbers of people or set up auto-replies. However, FM WhatsApp 2 was designed to give you these added benefits.

Is FM WhatsApp available on the play store?
Play Store does not allow developers to host third party variants of their apps. Such mods like FMWhatsApp will probably never be available on the official play store. There are many download links available for FM WhatsApp all over the internet. You should make sure to download it from a trusted source. We have the original FM WhatsApp apk download that you can get for free.

Is FM WhatsApp safe to use?
Many people are concerned that using an app like FMWhatsApp will interfere with their WhatsApp account and get them banned. But this mod apk has a built-in feature to prevent your account from getting banned. There is also the added concern of third-party developers having access to your data. So make sure to turn on the two way encryption feature available within the app. You can get the FM WhatsApp download apk from this page.

Is FMWhatsApp available for iOS?

Fmwhatsapp is also available for iPhone. Many users also want to know if installing FM WhatsApp without rooting their phones is possible. So yes, you can download this mod version without jailbreaking your phone. All the same, features will be available for you and work as normal.

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