Groww App Review ? Is This Best App

You must be knowing about Groww App, it is India’s top broker. It has the highest number of active users. In this post I am going to review Groww App so that you will know how useful this app is.

Should you open an account in this or not? Let me tell you that I have written posts about Groww App earlier also, so you can read those posts also.

Groww App Review

1. Interface – The interface of Groww is very simple. People who are new to trading will understand everything clearly in the app. Let me tell you that Groww has become most popular because of its interface.

In this you can easily do investing and trading. Its special thing is that all the information is easily available in it which takes time to find in other apps.

2. Account Opening – There is no charge on opening the account nor is there any AMC charge, that is, you can use it for free lifetime.

3. Charges – In this, delivery charge is taken which is Rs 20 or 0.05% whichever is less, however this charge is not very high. You do not have to pay more than Rs 20 brokerage on each executed order.

Talking about trading charges, in Futures & Option trading Rs 20/Executed order is charged which is neither less nor more. Its charges are similar to other brokers. Almost all big brokers charge the same amount for trading.

4. Trading – Groww is not the best platform for trading. If you do option trading, then do not take the risk of trading in it even by mistake, otherwise you may incur losses.

Many times news has come out in which it has been told that the servers of Groww are down. It has happened many times when Groww’s server has gone down during trading and the trader has suffered losses.

Many traders were not able to open their positions at the right time and neither were they able to make profit in trading. Apart from this, Zerodha, which is considered to be the number one platform for trading, has also seen glitches during trading many times due to which traders have suffered losses.

If you want to do options trading then Angel One is the best platform. Account opening is absolutely free and it is a full service broker. It has more features than Zerodha.

This is a 30 years old broker and comes in the list of top brokers of India.

Angel One Account Opening

5. Investing – Groww is a very good platform for investing, in this you can easily get information about the stock and can also invest in the right stock by looking at the fundamentals of the company

In this you can easily invest in mutual funds also. Auto Pay facility is also provided in Groww so that you do not need to invest money again and again.

६. Refer and Earn – Groww App was initially providing the facility to earn money from refer but now the facility of earning money from refer has been stopped in this app. People who wanted to earn money through referral can no longer earn money by referring from this app.

If you want to earn money from Refer then you can read the post Demat Account Refer and Earn. In this post I have told about the referral program of all demat accounts, so you can read that post also.

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