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The Maharashtra government has launched a new survey app called MSBCC APK to collect socio-economic data on the Maratha community and other open category groups. The survey will run from January 23rd to January 31st, 2023 across the state. It aims to survey approximately 2.5 crore households to determine the backwardness levels of Maratha and non-Maratha open categories.

About the Survey

The survey is being conducted by the State Backward Classes Commission on the directions of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. It will collect detailed data on the social, economic, and educational status of the Maratha community and other open categories. The survey results will help the state government provide reservations and benefits to the Maratha community as per the frameworks of law.

The survey will be conducted by over 50,000 enumerators comprising teachers, gram sevak, Anganwadi workers, and talathis. They will be paid honorariums of Rs 10,000 for surveying 100 Maratha/open category families and lower rates for backward category surveys. The surveyors are undergoing training programs across all districts from specialized institutes like Gokhale Institute and IIPS.





Preparations and Awareness

The Chief Minister has directed officials at all levels, from villages to districts,  to make preparations on a war footing. Instructions include putting up notices in all villages, disseminating information through all media, daily progress tracking, and round-the-clock call center support. The training programs aim to eliminate errors made in previous surveys in 2008 and ensure intensive, accurate data collection.

The state government will also undertake a special drive to retrieve old documents and records related to Kunbi and other castes to assist in the verification of lineage records.  Committees have been formed under district Tehsildars across Maharashtra. They are tasked with immediately resolving and matching genealogy records by roping in language experts. The campaign urges all stakeholders, from police patils to private persons, to share relevant caste documents in their possession.



So far, over 1.47 lakh Kunbi caste certificates have been distributed since October 2022 based on the verification work undertaken by the retired Justice Sandeep Shinde committee. 32,000 Kunbi records have been found in the Marathwada region alone, enabling the issue of 18,600 certificates. The verification drive’s second round recently concluded in the Latur district.

Key Features of MSBCC Survey APK

Some salient features of the MSBCC APK survey process include:

  • Coverage of 2.5 crore households across rural and urban Maharashtra
  • Socio-economic profiling of Marathas and open category groups
  • Leveraging technology for quicker analysis
  • Intensive training for eliminating past survey errors
  • Awareness drives involving all villages and media channels
  • Retrieval drives for old genealogy records
  • Fast-track committees for caste record verifications
  • Attractive incentives for surveyors

How to Use the MSBCC APK

To participate in the survey, households have to follow these steps:

  • Check government notices in your Gram Panchayat for enumeration schedules
  • Provide accurate information sought in the survey questionnaire
  • Ensure all family members are present during the survey visit
  • Provide documentary evidence if needed by the surveyor
  • Inform authorities about any grievance faced during the survey

This intensive data-gathering drive offers an opportunity for the Maratha and other communities to obtain updated quantifiable data about their status. The aggregated statistics will enable data-driven policies and legally valid reservations from the state government. The cooperation of all households and transparency in providing information is vital for the survey’s success. Authorities have also assured mechanisms for redressal of grievances during the survey process through the call centers. The data will finally help craft long-term welfare schemes for the target groups.

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